Monday, August 17, 2015

A year later

A year ago this last weekend, we moved to Utah.

It has been quite a year, better than I thought it would be and worse than I thought it would be.

It's been rough, being the new kids on the block.  We've been lonely at times and felt out of place.  It's broken my heart to see my children missing their friends and trying to locate that essential part of them that seems to be missing at times.

It's been wonderful.  I have loved seeing my family so often.  I have loved sunshine.  I love our perch with the amazing view.

It's been surprising.  My children that I didn't worry about in the least have had a harder time than the ones I worried about more.

It's been life changing--and this has less to do with the move and more to do with this season in our lives.  Braeden graduated, Mark decided to go to school full time, Braeden got his mission call, Emma started driving.

It's been memorable.  I'll always remember this time, the last year we were all home together.  I'll remember the trips we took, the time sitting on the deck, enjoying the view, the tears we've cried together as we've tried to adjust.

Saturday we went to Jessica's wedding.  Jessica, who we met when she was one year old, is married! She and Braeden played together as toddlers!  She was as cute and spunky then as she is beautiful and spunky now.  It was wonderful to be there and wonderful to see her parents, our dear friends, Bill and Mindy.  I also saw Christie who is really Mindy's friend and my friend I only know from blogging.  We chatted a few minutes.  She moved a few years ago and we were talking about that.  She said that she has friends now, but not "people." I totally knew what she meant.  I'm still working on the friend piece and I have a ways to go before I have people here.

But I'm making progress.  I'm reading a book recommended by someone, I've invited myself to join a bookclub.  I have decided there's a person I want to invite over.  I haven't worked up the courage to do it yet, but wanting to is progress.

A year later, we emerge a bit battered, hopefully wiser, knowing more than we knew before, and having a more rich and diverse tapestry of life experiences.

It's been quite a year.

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Stephanie L Johnson said...

crying, darn you!

I miss you and your sweet family, but I know you are happy there, especially to be by your family. As one of your people..... hugs.



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