Monday, August 10, 2015

Clothes shopping

Friends with kids a little bit older than your kids are a blessing.  They serve as mentors.  Janet told me about The Missionary Mall.  She ordered things online there for her boys when they were preparing for their missions.

Going to the actual store was even more convenient.  (Living in Utah County has its advantages.)  If you are sending a missionary, get thee to The Missionary Mall!  They know everything about everything. (I'm guessing.  Because I know nothing.  So I'll believe them.)

Besides the shirts, which I'd already bought, we bought what Braeden will need for two years: two suits with two pairs of pants each, three additional pair of slacks, 8 pairs of socks, two pairs of shoes, a shoulder bag, a belt, and five ties.

It took an hour (which is why shopping with boys is glorious).

Comfort was king in the decision making.  Braeden walked around and then sat down in the clothes to see what was comfortable.  He bought two identical pairs of shoes because he's never cared about shoes.  I stopped him from getting every single pair of pants the same color.  (The suits are the same color, though different cuts.)  "You might want variety," I told him.

The ties were an entirely different matter.  He spent more time on that decision than any other.

I snapped a picture of the ties so when it comes time to send him a Christmas present, I'll know what he already has.  Can you imagine the excitement?  A tie for Christmas! 

This is getting so very real.


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