Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Living in Utah county

Braeden and I went to see Once I Was A Beehive.  It may or may not ever be shown beyond the shadows of the Wasatch mountains.  I don't know.  I do know I loved this movie!  (And you've got to admire the security of an 18 year old boy who would go to a girlie movie with his mom.)

It's about Girls' Camp and having gone to Girls' Camp as a young woman and having gone as a leader, I thought it was impeccable.  A little over the top and exaggerated because, you know, it's a movie, but I know people like the people in this movie.  A lot of them.  They are crazy and quirky and ultimately really loveable.

There's a lot of quirkiness about being a Mormon.  We are different.  Peculiar even.  (Hopefully loveable.) 

Living around here, I feel Understood.  I can let my freak flag fly.  I don't know, did I use that right?  Is being Mormon a freak flag?  It's a little surreal to live in a place where my religion is not in the minority.  Everywhere else I've ever lived, being a Mormon was Different.  Here it is The Same. 

I've decided that getting a missionary ready in Utah County is a luxury.  It feels like all the stores have my back.  First there was The Missionary Mall and then there was bicycle shopping.  Every mission is different and sometimes you buy the bike there and apparently sometimes you don't.  Braeden's mission let us know he could either send a bike from home (which he's outgrown and Mark has commandeered) or he could buy one there.  Braeden is the least likely person in the world to have retail experience or shopping skills.  He doesn't like to shop (unless it's for outlandish clothes at a thrift store).  Also, he has a shopping attention span of about 20 seconds (that is if he's promised a treat).  I felt queasy about entrusting him with a bicycle purchase.  We went to Fezzari bike shop.  They had great deals for missionaries (plus free shipping to his mission).  Also, they know what kinds of bikes missionaries need.  They measured him because they will build him a custom bike and the bike will be pretty much assembled when it is sent.  (I would send an unassembled bike to Mark, but not Braeden.  Braeden has a lot of talents and abilities but none of them involve tools.) 

I was elated when we left the shop.  I would like to give Utah County a great big kiss.

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Stephanie L Johnson said...

Awesome post! I have been thinking of you and wondering how your heart and leaky eyes have been doing, and this post tells me you are doing great!!!!! Now I will read on and see if I am right, preparing a missionary is a grand undertaking. Way to go Thelma and Adam.

hugs and love to all of you

you are in my daily thoughts


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