Friday, August 7, 2015

My sidekick

Yesterday afternoon, Braeden was at work and Emma was volunteering as a movie extra (because who is that girl, anyway?  And what has she done with Emma?).  I asked Mark if we should go to IKEA.  He said, "Can we get chocolate cake?"

I said, "Of course."

So we went.  We stopped off first for the cake and Mark decided that he was hungry enough for chicken strips and fries.  I got the chocolate cake and shared some with him.  Mark and I have shared many a piece of chocolate cake at IKEA.

We started in on the maze that is IKEA and Mark asked, "Can we not take any shortcuts?  I want to look at everything."

Do you have any idea how long it has taken me to cultivate that kind of companionship for IKEA shopping?  That was a hard fought battle.

I am going to miss him when he is at school.

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