Friday, August 21, 2015

Pre Missionary Training Center

I am relishing my time with Braeden.  I can be very happy if I successfully don't think about it too much.

He has been ironing a shirt a day.  (Although yesterday it was pants.)  He makes dinner every night (hand picked by me, really easy recipes).  We go over his lists of things needed to prepare.  Often. We are both keen list makers.  We run errands together.  I give him all my advice from my vast experience as a missionary (since I didn't serve a mission, my advice may not be worth too much).  We do a seven minute workout together (from an app on my phone).  I'm usually Mallory showing us modified.  

He learned how to sew on a button.

Yesterday I was meeting my visiting teaching companion and a lady we visit for lunch.  I took Braeden because we had errands to do after (and he's always been a fan of lunch).  He said, "I feel like I'm reverting to being two years old, going visiting teaching with you."

I have thoroughly enjoyed Braeden as my sidekick for 18 years.  He has been there all along as I've tried to figure out how to be a mother.  Now he's here as I'm trying to figure out how to send him off into the world.

I couldn't think of a more patient, entertaining and loveable instructor.  I'm glad he's mine.

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Robert Johnson said...

What a great post! This is Marianne by the way.


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