Thursday, August 20, 2015

First day of school

For the first time, Emma is going to school in the same building two years in a row.  Exciting times.  She drove herself to school.  She was happy and confident and ready to go.  She has classes she's looking forward to, a collection of really good friends and a car to drive.  What more could a 16 year old girl ask for in life?

I took a photo of both kids:

All I can think is, "World, be nice to my babies."  And also, I wonder how long until Mark will be taller than Emma.

Here's Braeden on the first day of school:

Once Braeden was, of course, showered and changed out of his pajamas, he went to the temple with his friend who is going into the MTC on the same day (the friend is going to Panama).  They also went to lunch afterward and I was happy Braeden had someone to commiserate with on how it feels to be two weeks away from a mission.  They also were each reduced to driving their mother's minivans because their pesky younger siblings had taken "their cars" to school.  (They aren't really theirs.)

The audacity of some younger siblings!

So I was left in a really quiet house.  I had plenty to do but it was so quiet.  I turned on loud music and decided to not think about it too much.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Emma looks so grown up! I love her bangs.


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