Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Adventure time

Today I'm thankful for Adam's knack for adventures.  I'm ever the reluctant one and he perseveres and then we have fun.

Saturday Emma was at work so Adam and Mark and I saddled up the Subaru and headed out.  Our first stop was the Maverick in American Fork (because Adventure's First Stop).

Our last stop was the Maverick in Santaquin because we had to use the bathroom by then.

We drove out to Eagle Mountain and Cedar Fort and to Fairfield.  Camp Floyd used to be there and in its day, it was largest military installation in the country.  They were trying to keep those pesky Mormons in check but really trying to divert attention from slavery and states' rights.

We visited the cemetery and the Stagecoach Inn and this school:

I loved the details.

This is the inside, peeking through the curtains.

From there we drove.  And drove.  Soon we were on a dirt road in the west desert and I kept saying things like, "Um...Adam?" and he kept saying he knew where he was going.  Google maps kept telling him random little dirt paths to turn on and he kept saying, Nah.


Adam's grand scheme was to sneak up on Goshen from behind, which we did.  I did my student teaching in Goshen and hadn't been there for 21 years.  (!)  I have lots of great memories of driving there with my carpool buddies (except we went via the freeway).  They knew more about my dating and engagement to Adam than about anyone did.  It was conversation topic #1.

From there we hit Santaquin and saw the sights of Payson (there's stuff to see, people) and then home.

Even though I'm usually hesitant, I'm glad Adam isn't.  It's a beautiful world and we might as well get out in it.

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