Thursday, August 25, 2016

Dear Braeden

Braeden is the offspring most interested in reading my blog (or at all interested).  Adam set it up so my blog posts are emailed to him and he reads them once a week.

He also emails me back comments.

Recently when I posted some "tiny notes" he emailed back, "Dear Braeden?"

So here is Dear Braeden.

Dear Braeden,

The other day I told your dad that if you were here, you could absolutely cheer me up.  I told him about the time when you were three and I was completely overwhelmed with all the everything of moving and you got your beloved blanket and wrapped it around me to comfort me.

I told him about the time when you were about six and my patience was stretched to the very limit by baby Mark.  You made me laugh.

You always make me laugh and you always can comfort me when I need it.

Oh, and also?  I miss you.

You weren't happy that I have so many framed pictures of you.  You said it made you feel like Dudley Dursley.  I think I knew I would need those framed pictures of you for when you were on your mission.  Seeing your face gives me a lift every time I walk by.

Also, if the truth be told, you are still comforting and cheering me every day.  Just remotely.  Every time I hear from you or from someone there who loves you or I remember you singing Elvis songs or dispelling any angst or tension just with your awesomeness, I am buoyed up.

Don't get a big head.  You're not perfect.  It just feels that way sometimes now because you're not here to leave the milk out on the table (or drink all the milk) or hide your socks in sundry places.

In her latest email, Stella told me that it was evidence of Heavenly Father's love for our family that you were part of it.

I couldn't agree more.

(But still, don't get a big head.) 

I love you, kid.


my sunshine son

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Olivia Cobian said...

What are you talking about? You of all people should remember that Braeden was born with a big head--huge actually! ;) I love that big-headed kid, and I'm glad he continues to cheer you along.


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