Tuesday, August 9, 2016

My favorite spice

I've got to say, it's ginger.

It's nice to have Mark back.  We've regained a bit of balance.  We're always a bit lopsided without Braeden but 2/3 is better than nothing.

It was quiet when Mark was gone.  It would have been quiet anyway because Emma's quiet.  But when Emma's reading Harry Potter manically all week, it's really quiet.

Yesterday in the backseat of the van, they discussed Harry Potter and what Voldemort should have done with the horcruxes.  Emma has clever ideas and ideas that wouldn't occur to me and that I only minimally understand because I have only read each book once.

Mark also has...clever ideas.  He thought Voldemort should have made a burrito a horcrux and then eaten it.  Also, if Voldemort was magic, why didn't he give himself a nose?  And maybe a tan?

I love hearing them laugh.

And they discuss at length who has to do which cleaning jobs.  (I suggested they write down the jobs and trade off each week.  "No," they said, "We like doing the same jobs.  We have it figured out."  I wanted to point out that they had the same elaborate discussion every week but I decided never mind.  It's the safest pursuit with the two most stubborn children in America.  Never.  Mind.)

And I love hearing them sing.  As I write this, they are in Emma's room, singing loudly.

Siblings were a good invention.

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