Monday, August 15, 2016

Thanksgiving in August

Sometimes it just seems like so much silliness.  Sometimes it is just like a travelogue that no one except my immediate family will ever be interested in.  Sometimes it is just to keep me writing.  Sometimes it is just because I want to remember.

This blog.

It's mine and so I can therefore do what I want.  Right now, I need more gratitude in my life.   I'm just going to be grateful for awhile.

To start with, I'm grateful today for my family.  Adam, Braeden, Emma and Mark.  They are my world.  My island.  My happy place.

We are an imperfect, struggling lot.  We lose patience and let each other down occasionally.  More often, we carry each other along.

I can't even begin to outline the ways Adam saves me every day.

Braeden is my hero.  Striving against adversity and just generally being awesome.  He inspires me.

Emma walks over and hugs me when she can see I need it.  And she is not a hugger!  She quietly goes around doing good.

Mark is the sparkle I need.  He is sweet and funny and kind.  My sunglasses came apart and I handed him the pieces.  He fixed them and then tightened the other side too.  Because he's Mark.

Some kind soul texted me this picture of Braeden on Saturday.

There was no explanation except, "Working at the car wash."  Who knows?  I just know that I gave birth to that kid.

And I'm glad.

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