Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Half birthday girl

Awhile ago, Tabor said, "Aren't your kids getting a little old for half birthdays?"

Frankly, that surprised me.  Is getting too old for half birthdays a thing? 

Today I'm grateful for my girl.  She is 17 1/2 today.

Also this morning I went in her room and said, "It's time to get up.  You need to start moving your schedule because school is starting soon."

She said, "No."

She's pretty much one of those docile souls that is easy to push around.

It is no secret that Emma is a strong and independent woman.  She can be...prickly.  It's great for a mother who loves a challenge.  (ha ha)

On Sunday afternoon, she lay on my bed next to me with her eyes closed and I traced the curves of her face with my finger while we talked about her senior year.  (Her senior year!)  Like nearly every milestone that hits, my kids seem to be ready for them far better than I am. 

Yesterday Emma decided to curl her hair before she went to work.  When she was a little little girl, I attempted to curl her hair and she said, "No offense, Mom, but curly hair is ugly."

And you know, none taken, because who takes offense when their daughter calls their hair ugly?

Yesterday she was striving for curls though.  We have a curling iron.  I got it as a high school graduation gift and it is basically in mint condition because we've never really used it.  Since hair styling has never really been a thing around here, Emma didn't know how to work the curling iron.  I showed her and she asked, "How do you know how to do that?"

I said, "The 80s."

She said, "Thank you, 80s."

There's a lot to love about Emma.  I love how smart and capable she is.  I love that she's funny and kind.  She's a good friend and very loyal.  She is tough.  No one, least of all her mother, is going to tell her how to live her life.

And I wouldn't have it any other way.

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