Thursday, August 4, 2016

Happy Anniversary

We've been married twenty-one years.  Next anniversary we will have been married half of our lifetimes.

I feel lucky and blessed and grateful.

There's nothing extraordinary about our marriage.  We disagree, we get cranky, I send him to the store for fruit and he comes home with the wrong thing, I am abysmal at directions and zero navigational help on road trips.  Still.  It's pretty great too.  We have the same goals.  We have these three children that mean the world to us and it's comforting to have a partner in raising them.  We put premier value on our marriage and we want each other to be happy.

That's worth a lot.

Yesterday I went into Adam's office and declared I wanted to go to Maverick.  Adam said, "OK."  And we went.

This is the summer of Maverick.  Diet coke + nugget ice + fresh limes.  It sort of makes your day.

And it makes my day that when I want to go, Adam is all in.

It's the stuff happy marriages are made of.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Happy Anniversary! I thought of you two love birds every time I saw or wrote the date.


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