Wednesday, August 31, 2016

We are family

Family has been on my mind.

Sometimes sore trials bring a family together.  I've been thinking about what Emma wrote about when Adam's dad passed away.  It was purely awful.  At the same time, it sort of cemented us together as a family even more than before; Adam's mom, his siblings, the cousins.  We went through something together.  We came out on the other side.  We still miss Linn.  We still wish he were around.  We're still confident we will see him again.

The point is, sometimes rough patches bring blessings too.

I'm grateful for my family.  My little tribe here.  We get battered at times but we are resilient too.  We sit on the deck and watch the sunset.  We pop popcorn.  We pray together.  We laugh together.  We go for drives.  We miss Braeden.  These are all bonding experiences.  I am glad I have them.

I'm grateful for my parents and siblings.  Several days ago I had a phone conversation with Enoch.  I seldom seem to talk to him.  Doesn't matter.  He said the exact words I needed to hear and he made me feel loved.  What more can you ask of a brother?

Sunday we went to visit Adam's cousin Pam.  Adam has stellar cousins.  I particularly love Pam.  Her son, Branson, is leaving for the Virginia Chesapeake mission in October.  We're crossing all our fingers that the two tall handsome cousins will be companions.  We had a fun time talking about all things mission.  We talked suits and bikes and washable ties (because biking in the rain) and Amazon prime.  We showed pictures of the scenery and pictures of Braeden being goofy and maybe Branson would be OK if they weren't companions after all....

Branson is a strong silent type and Braeden is...Braeden.

When we last saw Pam, around Christmas time, we both cried about boys and missions and growing up.  This time she cried and I was able to reassure her.  I was able to very honestly state, "It's worth it!"  I've seen breathtaking growth in Braeden and I've seen some of the influence for good he's been able to be and it all makes me feel grateful he has the chance.

And yes, I'll be happy when he's back home too!

It was nice to visit with Pam and her crew.   I'm glad we're family.

Yesterday afternoon I spent about an hour with my grandma.  In the history of ever no one is as kind to me as my grandma.  I walk taller after visits with her.

Finally, Stella.  She feels like family.  We email a lot.  I'm looking forward to meeting her.

There are lots of different family appendages in the world and they're all pretty great.

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