Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Tiny notes

Dear Emma,

YOU GOT A JOB!  I am happy happy happy for you.

Dear weeds in my yard,

I feel like I can't turn my back.  Stop growing already.

Dear tomatoes,

You're awesome.  Keep growing.

Dear library,

I love everything about you.

Dear alerts on my phone,

I didn't particularly want to know who won the gold at the Olympics because I was going to watch that.  Thanks for freeing up my evening?

Dear Mark,

When you tell me you don't need to clean because it is "your room" you are in dangerous territory.  Very dangerous, my friend.  I'm glad you recognized it in time and cleaned that room that you're allowed to use.

Dear Grandma Geri,

Emma has been making her bed every day.  That bedding you gave her is magic.

Dear Adam,

I like reminiscing with you about biology class at BYU.

Dear Marianne,

Thank you for helping me pass biology at BYU.  I spent too much time talking to Adam but you saved my bacon.

Dear Dad,

Don't tell me stories about times you almost got into a gunfight.  I'm lucky you're still alive.  I guess we all are.


Anonymous said...

What?? When did Daddy almost get in a gunfight? This is Marianne

Olivia Cobian said...

I think Demar told me that story...

Olivia Cobian said...

Unless there was more than once!


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