Friday, August 5, 2016

I miss Mark

Early in the morning I glanced in the mirror and my hair reminded me of something.

I decided it was this plant.

This plant is sort of sad.  I divided my fern in two and the other half is thriving and looks like a fern should and this poor guy is spindly and sheds leaves.

And looks like my hair first thing in the morning.

I've heard sometimes people resemble their pets.  In the absence of a pet, maybe I'll start resembling my plants?

Maybe though my hair has just gone whackadoodle because Mark is gone.  Braeden has told me many times when looking at pictures of me that I became much prettier after Mark was born.  "You needed Mark," he says.

Mark's at scout camp and I'm resembling an emaciated fern.

Good thing he's coming home tomorrow or I may start looking like this plant:

1 comment:

Olivia Cobian said...

I think your fern (and your hair) look great!


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