Tuesday, September 6, 2016

I'm not sure I'm worth it

Two days in a row we have not turned on our air conditioning.  Amazing!  This summer has been the 2nd hottest on record.

(Why, yes.  I've discovered a new weather blog.  Why do you ask?)

Being a nerd about the weather is not the only reason I'm not much fun.

There's always a "Mom won't like that" discussion.  If we're going to a restaurant, they talk about the places, "Mom won't like."

When Adam cooks meat on the grill--most nights this hot summer--there is always worry if it's done enough for me.  I don't like any pink.  When in doubt, burn it, I say.

We were going on a drive and taking a picnic yesterday.  Food ideas were eliminated.  "Mom won't like the way salami smells."  "Mom won't eat that."

Mom may get car sick.

It comes down to me being the lame one.

Sometimes literally.  (My knee.)

We were driving into American Fork Canyon and I brought up the topic.  "I'm sorry I'm always so much trouble," I said.

Mark said, "Now you know why Women's Conference is always such a magical time of year."

OK.  I guess I deserve that.

Adam wanted to drive on the back side of Mt. Mahogany.  The Alpine Loop already makes me a little carsick (although Adam is pretty good at driving it in a smooth and steady way that helps a lot).  We turned off onto a dirt road.  It was suuuuuuper bumpy.  I grew up on a dirt road.  I know dirt roads.  This made every dirt road of my youth seem smooth.  There were tall trees on either side so I felt a little claustrophobic too.

See what I mean?  I'm a horrible person.

I felt like dying.  Adam pulled off the road and I lay on a log in the sunshine until the world stopped spinning. 

Mark pulled a camp chair out of the car.  I sat in it and Adam tucked a blanket around me (it was sort of chilly in the mountains).  I'm basically an invalid.  They fed me Fritos and grapes and eventually I found the courage to get back in the car for the return trip.

Sometimes I wonder what memories my children will have of me from their growing up years.

Sometimes I know. 

(shaking head sadly)


Geri Davis said...

You are fun or at least good for a smile and a laugh. Mark is hilarious with his Women's Conference remark. It is good to laugh out out to start your day.

Olivia Cobian said...

Of course you are worth it. Any of your dear family would tell you that!


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