Friday, September 9, 2016


Back when this was my daily, we had messes.  Big messes.  It was part of the scenery.  Those days are long gone.  We rarely have the kind of mess happen that makes you want to banish everyone to their bedrooms while you contemplate how to even start clean up.

Miss Emma, with her first paycheck deposited in the bank and transportation of her own, decided a few days ago that she was going to remedy her mother's unwillingness to buy sugar free Nesquik.  She drove herself to the grocery store and made her purchase.

Unfortunately yesterday afternoon, she perched it precariously in the pantry.  It fell on its head and  Nesquik was eeeeeeverywhere.  Seriously.  How did all that stuff even come out of the small container?!?  Imagine drifts of chocolate powder on everything in the pantry.

It was a big mess.  It was the kind of mess that small children make.  It was horrendous.  It was not like toddler days with toddler messes though.  Instead of me banishing people away, Emma helped clean it up.  She was a lot of help.

The REALLY big difference?  She kept lamenting her hard earned money being wasted.

The disaster scene felt familiar but I guess you can never go back.

And I'm OK with that, except aren't those kids cute?


Anonymous said...

So cute! This is their favorite aunt!

Jennifer said...

Love the picture! I think Jif peanut butter would love to have that picture in their ads. Choosy moms choose Jif! Everyone will want to buy Jif to get kids that cute. :)

Olivia Cobian said...

That picture is darling. Those children are still darling. (Sorry to burst Aunt Anonymous's bubble. Not only am I their favorite aunt, I also have a name!)


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