Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Only child

Mark has a very casual interest in my blog.  As in, not enough interest to read it.  Yesterday he said, "So do you ever blog about me?"  He asked it like he didn't really care what the answer was.  And I'm pretty sure he doesn't.

But here's something about Mark.  Something to hold onto and remember this unique time.  (I'm learning that every time is a unique time.)

Monday night, Emma had to work.  So it was Mark and us. 

We did the dishes together and no one remembered to start the dishwasher.  Sometimes we're all a little myopic when it comes to dishes.

We installed the new air intake apparatus that Adam built.  It was sort of heavy and Mark and I stood on chairs with our hands above our heads, holding it while Adam drilled holes and screwed it into place.  It was really hard to hold it still and we kept shifting slightly and having to start over.  It was a teeny bit comical and a lot frustrating.  We finally did it though!  It felt like a huge accomplishment (and our arms were tired).

Our next chore was to place flags on all the sprinkler heads.  We were having our lawn aerated and needed to mark the sprinklers. On one of our weekend Home Depot trips we had purchased 40 little flags (all green and blue--Seahawks colors).  Surely that would be more than enough!  Adam instructed Mark to put on his swimsuit.  The sprinklers had to be running to be visible so he turned them on and Mark darted around marking them with flags.  He wasn't wearing his glasses so in addition to holding the flags, Adam and my job was to point out sprinklers to him.  It was an adventure and then we ran out of flags.

So we went to--you guessed it--Home Depot.  Well, Adam did.  He dropped Mark and me off at Froyo first.  We got some yogurt and sat side by side on a couch in the neon and chrome place (have you ever been in a frozen yogurt place that wasn't neon and chrome? Also little tiles on the wall? Why is that?) and chatted while we waited for Adam.

When we got home, it was dark.  Now my job was to hold a flashlight while they placed the remaining flags.

We have 60 sprinkler heads by the way.

That seems sort of ridiculous.

Emma came home and to the backyard in search of us.  She thought maybe we were playing a round of moonlight mölkky.

More and more, Mark is the only child around here.   The good news is that we really like Mark.  As long as we keep him fed, he is pretty much up for anything.

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Olivia Cobian said...

That all sounds like the start of a beautiful family tradition! Well, maybe skip the first part where your arms got really tired.


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