Friday, September 16, 2016

Not my email

It's been awhile since I posted one of these, but the Thelmas of the world are connected to me.  There's one Thelma whose Facebook notifications I get.  I'm able to log in as her onto Facebook.  I could cause all sorts of social media havoc for the poor lady, but I'm really not that interested.

I hardly post anything on my own Facebook page.

Anyway, here's some of what the other Thelmas have not been receiving.  I have carefully categorized them (mostly just because I like to categorize stuff).


The Huntington Pediatric Dental Group does not give up on people.  That's the kind of patient care you have to appreciate.

She may be more likely to make an appointment if she was receiving these pleas....

Also, when you send an email to your aunt and she doesn't get it, just resend it to the exact same email address two days later.  (Add a subject line for added assurance she'll receive it.) Maybe this time it will work.


Everyone wants friends.  Even if this email was intended for someone else and is missing who exactly asked them to send this solicitation my way.  I appreciate the friendliness:

If I was looking for a 1 bedroom apartment in Liverpool, I would contact Rightmove.  Because we're friends.

This one sort of delighted me.  Just how many invitations is this person writing?  They needed to stop and take a breather?  Hopefully they'll get the scoop on Ben at the party.  I would give the news on Ben, but...I don't know Ben.


What follows are a series of email that stressed me out.


How are matters going to be resolved!?!  Mr. Wilson didn't get this email!  I guess I could call Amy Blankinship and explain. 

International flavor:

I got an email and the following was the subject line.  (There was nothing in the rest of the email.)

Since I don't know Spanish, I copied and pasted into google translator.  There's a good reason for this technology, people!

So that cleared it riiiiiight up.

And they don't have to worry.  I can totally be trusted with this information.  My lips are sealed.

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