Monday, September 19, 2016

weekend list

1-Enoch and Isaiah stayed with us Friday night.  They left before I woke up on Saturday morning.  I am a shining example of how to not be the hostess with the mostest.  We were happy to have them though.

2-Isaiah has size fourteen shoes.  I predict a giant.

3-Emma worked 11 hours on Saturday.  She was excited to go.  She came home happy.  She loves her job and I love that.

4-We took 2 trips to Home Depot.

5-Every time we go to Home Depot, Mark peruses the appliances.  He has opinions. 

6-Adam built a frame to house a new and improved air intake filter grille.  It will make changing filters easier and it will mean we don't have an ugly hole in our ceiling.

7-Adam is awesome.

8-I learned that there is something better than Premium Plus Ultra.  (Do paint companies think about these things before they name types of paint?  What does premium plus ultra even mean?)

9-I bought Marquee paint.  For the outside trim.  It better be fan-cy.  Because it is a step above Premium Plus Ultra. (What does that even mean?)

10-Mark cleaned the van, including an air freshening bomb thing. (I'm pretty sure that's not the official name.)  It was "new car scent" and is...strong.

11-We all updated our phones and I foresee a future of me really upping my texting game.  Emma is my main victim.

12-We played mölkky again.  Emma kept score, the other three of us played.  Adam and Mark tied to win so that made me the only loser.

13-Emma also took pictures.  (She's taking a photography class this semester and takes photos nearly every evening.)

14-A kind person texted me a picture of my favorite missionary.

Short of him walking through the door, nothing could make me happier.

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