Monday, September 26, 2016

weekend list

1-Adam was in Seattle all weekend.

2-Emma worked Friday night.

3-Mark and I snuggled under a blanket and watched The RM.  He had never seen it before, thought it was funny, and thought we needed to watch it with Braeden when he gets home.

4-We also went out for frozen yogurt.  It's kind of our thing.

5-Mark gets chocolate yogurt with gummy bears and bobas.  So nasty.

6-I never ask for a taste.

7-Friday night I slept a whopping 10 hours.  That never happens.  And after The Summer of Not Sleeping Well, it felt like a gift. 

8-I finished my new and improved calendar (no more writing the numbers in chalk every month).

9-What will I do with that wealth of a couple minutes more each month?

10-I pulled out the autumnal decorations.  It was like greeting old friends.

Welcome back, pumpkins.   And apples and pears.

I took the opportunity to include my favorite photo in this one.

11-I changed the quote also.

12-I invented a new idiom: That's like Emma calling Mark weird.  (It's similar to the pot calling the kettle black.)

13-Emma and I watched the Women's Broadcast at home.  We liked it.  Emma worked on a puzzle which is her favorite conference thing to do and I helped her a little.

14-Sunday was another day of 6 hours of church meetings and then sitting around in a comatose state.  Mark beat me at Monopoly Deal three times in a row.

15-I started feeling anxiety as the day concluded.  It's a busy week with lots of social demands and that's the hardest kind of week for me.

16-I talked to Adam on his way home from the airport.  I told him All The Things.  He said, "This is all survivable.  We'll go to lunch tomorrow and map it all out."

17- I'm glad he's home.

18- I was thinking it would be a feel sorry for myself sort of weekend but it was a sublime sort of weekend. (Until the Sunday evening anxiety.)

I like being here.


Jennifer said...

Your home looks so lovely! Friday night during the high school football game (we stayed home to be warm), Savannah convinced me to get out the "fall box" which isn't a lot. I had reservations about decorating my construction site of a kitchen/living room, but she was sure tickled at the exercise. Enoch grumbled something about not decorating for fall until Oct. 1st, but we ignored him.

Megan said...

Mark and I get the EXACT same kind of frozen yogurt and toppings! I love him even more now. Nobody understands why I love it, or so I thought.

Mark Dahl said...

Oh to be a decorator. I don't even have any fall decorations. Your mom. I'm glad you learned it from somewhere.

Olivia Cobian said...

I love your new calendar--and you!


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