Wednesday, September 7, 2016

In the rear view mirror

photo credit:  Emma Jayne

With Labor Day come and gone, it really feels like summer is behind us.  It's time for me to gather up the seashells and American flags and box them away.  It feels a little early for the autumn box.

This summer was not without it's disappointments and adversity.  I'm pretty sure I'll remember that.  My purpose here is to remember and document the other stuff.  The good stuff.

This was the summer of:

-sitting on the deck first thing in the morning and last thing in the evening

-avoiding the deck in the hot afternoon when its surface would have burned my feet

-Maverik trips

-growing tomatoes and the most enormous zinnias I've ever seen (from seeds my aunt Olivia gave me)

-grilling dinner--we ate a lot of grilled hamburgers without buns and Greek salad

-Mark mourning the absence of buns for the burgers

-going for drives

-taking walks

-hosting the Jorgensens and having a practice wedding run (we'll be all prepared when our kids get married...maybe)

-taking Leif to the MTC

-pretending like we had three kids again while Gavin stayed

-quick trips to Nevada

-getting to know the Young Women better

-making pen pal friends with people in Virginia Beach

-learning lessons--among the lessons learned, we are pretty good at sticking together

-remembering again and again why I like these people so much

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