Wednesday, May 10, 2017

A good day to have a good day

It was a day of bookends of good time with each kid and productive time in the middle.  (Adam was out of town...Braeden too.)

Also, the sun was shining all day long.

Before the big French AP test, Vanessa came over so she and Emma could speak French to warm up?  Is that a thing?  I made them breakfast and bought them croissants (I aimed for pain au chocolat but couldn't find any--I didn't look that hard).

They were each wearing the striped shirts they bought at Mont St. Michel.

Every bit of Frenchiness helps.

And like I told them, even if they completely bombed the test, they looked cute.

The sausage got a little...done.  I was on my computer and it got away from me.

They spoke French and I understood very little of what was being said but occasionally I got something.  Also, I used Google Translate to help me.

Later in the day Emma reported on the test:

I love texting with Emma.

Speaking of hot messes, Mark and I tackled one in the evening.  Our evening plans changed so we made a new plan.  We went to Target and perused the storage and organization aisles.  Then we went home with our purchases and gathered all the errant cords in the house.

I recognized the ones that go to iPhones but the rest were pretty much conundrums to me.  Mark, however, was in his element.

We labeled and sorted and stowed in little containers.

Stuff like that delights me.  Organizing makes me happy. 

Then we gathered everything up that either seemed obsolete to Mark or was a flat out mystery.

We put it all in a box, declaring it above our pay grade, for Adam to contemplate.

Then we ate chocolate and read.

It is the sweet simple things in life that are the real ones after all.

Laura Ingalls Wilder

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