Monday, May 8, 2017


You know that feeling when you are so exhausted your eyelashes even feel tired?

That's been me.

I told Adam maybe I had some sort of vitamin deficiency.

He said no, because he knows me.

It's been life lately.  There has been a big trip, a big son returned and then gone again, guests, life altering changes, Mark's play, Women's Conference, a girl getting ready to graduate.  Life, lived to the hilt, joyful, packed, one thing overlapping another.

And I need margins.

I need white space to recharge and manage.  It's not that I can't do stuff.  I can do stuff.

I just don't want to all the time.

This week I'm looking forward to white space.  I'm going to clean my desk and pull some weeds and send birthday cards to my nephews and readjust to life without this one.

My larger than life boy who is endlessly entertaining and leaves chaos (drinking glasses, socks, you name it) in his wake, left a big hole in my heart when he headed back on his mission.

So I'll pick up the socks and cups that I keep finding.  I'll stitch my heart back into place.

And I'll let a margin wash over me.

(except I miss him...)

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