Friday, May 26, 2017

Grateful Friday

Gold cords = smarty pants  

Sitting in Emma's graduation yesterday morning, I just felt grateful.

I'm grateful that I have such a spectacular daughter who always keeps me on my toes and knows how and when to fight her own battles and who I just really really like being with.

I'm grateful for PGHS.  I had the same thought at Braeden's graduation, "I'm SO glad we picked this school!"

It's a good school.  It's not without its flaws (here's looking at you, English department) but I love most things about it.  It has provided a place of opportunity for my kids and a lot of other kids too.  There are talented kids everywhere but I love that at PGHS, there are chances for them to shine in so many different ways.  At graduation they had the Acapella and Chamber Choir sing.  Amazing.  The advanced woodwind symphony performed as well as the chamber orchestra.  The two male leads from The Secret Garden sang "Lily's Eyes" which still gives me chills.  That alone was worth the drive to Provo.

Then there was the slideshow and recognition for all the many clubs and sports and I just loved it all.

Halfway through the graduation (I think they were in the L's), they ran out of diploma covers.  The dignitaries on the dais were looking around under tables and everyone was at a standstill.  Then a guy heroically ran in with two boxes of diploma covers.

And PGHS actually has a really good math program!  They should have put all those kids that get 5s on the AP calculus test in charge of making sure they had enough diploma covers.

There were over 600 graduates in Emma's class so it was exactly nothing like my graduating class of 23.

At the BYU Marriott Center--same place she'll graduate from college.  A few kids kissed the G when they walked by.  Being loyal to the G is not something that is taken lightly around here.

Indicators to help you find Emma are courtesy of Adam.

Geri texted us yesterday morning that there's a chance in four years, we will have four graduates.  That gave us pause.  Next fall we will have three freshmen!  One in high school and two in college.

One thing I'm really grateful for as the empty nest looms is Adam.  I would have fun with that guy in a Turkish prison.


Adam Davis said...

I'm proud of my girl. 10% of the pride comes from her graduating. (It's not THAT amazing of an accomplishment. At Braeden's graduation, a couple of alumni sitting behind us wondered what the G stood for.) 90% of the pride comes from who Emma is and has become.

Jen Dahl said...

I love all of this - the blog, the graduate, her parents, and Adam's comment. You all make me happy.


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