Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Not my email

I'll start with some random pictures.  This first one was from Berny Chisolm:

No explanation, but thank you Berny.  It's a good lesson in being appreciative for the car I drive. 

Also, there was no information about this one.  Child labor?

Or this:

This is the heading of the above picture:

I don't know if the kid is the one who found a new friend or if he's cousin Connor.

Sometimes these email bring more questions than answers.

Here is something I can understand though.  Thelma (possibly from Australia because the West Coast Eagles is an Australian football team) had a birthday!  I hope she has/had a good one even though she didn't get a $20 discount from her favorite (I'm guessing) team.  I got the discount and it's not my birthday.  I wish Thelma knew her email address so she could tell the West Coast Eagles....

Getting other peoples' email causes guilt.

For example, will Thel and her plus one ever know about the birthday lunch she was invited to?

Also, this:

Thelma in South Africa has a booking to possibly, hopefully go over things like "What's my email address?" and she didn't get the reminder about the booking.

Go anyway Thelma!

Possibly Thelma signed up for the help because she kept not getting things that were being sent to her.

Persistence abounds though, and I applaud that.  Nerisha just wanted to send the newsletter!  She tried from home!  She tried again and again!  I hope she just printed and delivered it in person in the end.

While we're on an international tour of Thelmas, here's this:

To save you the step (let me use Google Translate so you don't have to), here's what it says:

I got multiple identical emails because Thelmas worldwide believe if at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

The most intriguing emails directed to a different Thelma have come recently.  A whole series of them.   Here are just two of many:

I could really cause some havoc here in someone's life.  I could edit all sorts of background information.

I won't though.  Thelma solidarity. 

Your secrets are safe with me, Thelma Aniceto.  Home means Nevada to me too.  And if these reports are going to be negative, I'm glad I'm able to shield you from the bad news.

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