Wednesday, May 31, 2017

Books I read in May 2017

I think I read more books than this but I can't remember.  (Story of my life.)

These were both book club books and I probably wouldn't have picked them up if they hadn't been.  Do I say this every month?  I love being in a book club.

Nothing To Envy by Barbara Demick ***

This book was eye opening and fascinating.  It's the true stories of 6 people in North Korea.  They all defected to South Korea and were interviewed extensively for the book.  I learned a lot about North Korea (I knew next to nothing) and was inspired by the chances people took for freedom and the survival instincts that are amazing.

Dark Matter by Blake Crouch **

This was a mindbending sci-fi kind of book.  It was OK.  It dragged a little at times, even though it was pretty suspenseful.  I skimmed a bit of it.  I didn't really care about the science behind how it was supposed to be working.  It was an interesting concept overall and when I told Mark the story, his eyes popped wide open, so there's that.

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