Monday, May 29, 2017

Little things

We took a little road trip yesterday to Nevada.  Desi, who is about to go to Hong Kong on a mission, spoke in church and we wanted to be there, front and center.

We were neither front nor center, but we were there.

Walking in a bit late, we set up a few chairs and sat in the very back of the chapel.

I noticed later that Enoch had texted me at the start of church:

For once I didn't steal his seat on the front row and I think he was hoping I would.  I can't 100% verify that, but I'm guessing....

It felt like a little bit of heaven sitting there.  From my vantage point, I could see everyone.  There were many branches of family represented in that room--my parents and siblings, my dad's cousins and my cousins and my second cousins, uncles, aunts, as well as people who taught me primary and the dear man who was the bishop when I was in high school.

I cried the entire time Desi spoke; tears just dripped right down my face.  I love that girl and I love that she is part of our lives.  While she was speaking, I was thinking of all the memories I have with her growing up, starting when she and her mom visited me when I had mono in Connecticut to all the fun she and her sisters had with Emma and Braeden, to her lighting up our home with her smile every Sunday last semester while she was at BYU, to going to the temple with her and Clarissa and Braeden.  Love her!  (And her whole family.)

She is gorgeous and also her talk was fabulous.  I told my kids when we were driving home (and possibly started crying again) that what I loved was that even though things may be hard for Desi (because missions + life can be hard) she had some of the most important things figured out.  She has a strong testimony that she has a Heavenly Father who loves her.  She has a relationship with the Savior and she knows where to turn when she needs help.  She's going to bless lives.

The talented Deborah took these pictures and I (yep) stole them from Facebook!
Speaking of these beloved BYU Babes, Clarissa is going to BYU Hawaii this fall and I told her that I a tiny bit hope she hates it so she will decide to come back to BYU and be near us.

It's all about me, isn't it?

The big group convened at Marianne's house and I loved catching up with people and just enjoying.  We chatted with a few of Robert's sisters and traded funny stories and I only love Robert more being around his good good sisters.  Well done, Marianne.  Great husband and children.  My older sister is a winner!

We followed my parents home and stopped there for a few minutes.  I took a start each of a wild rose and a yellow rose.  Both transport me to my childhood and are the most wonderful scents I know.  I am hoping for abundant, take-over-the-place type bushes eventually.

I'm grateful for family.  I love the feeling of connectedness.  I love feeling buoyed and entertained and I love celebrating the milestones together.

I also love road trips.  We enjoy being in the car together.  We listened to some conference talks and a podcast and music.  (I loved the interpretive dancing and snorting laughter coming from Emma and Mark in the backseat.)

It was a quick trip and I happily would have spent more time visiting and hugging everyone, but sometimes it's the little things, the little glimpses of people you love that are what you need to refuel. 

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Geri Davis said...

Hate to cloud your rose colored glasses but deer love about ready to bloom rose buds :( Twice this spring Anne has lost all her rose buds to the deer.


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