Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Loyal to our G

Sunday at church a man told the story about his leap of faith in having a large family.  Later, he said, some of his friends questioned the decision because they said he was poor.  The speaker said, "So I explained to them..."

Mark whispered in my ear, "...about tax exemptions."

Sometimes I think my quirky kids fit right in in this quirky place.

Pleasant Grove.

You've never seen so many potholes.

The drivers are crazy town.  I told Adam that ignoring the arrows in the junior high parking lot is a cultural experience--it's kind of like driving in India or something.  Every man for himself.  I embrace the madness.  (I also turn in at Costco where everyone else except Adam does.  He's tsks at me every time because if you're particular--and he is--it isn't actually a turn lane.)

(But Costco isn't in Pleasant Grove so that is irrelevant.)

Every year Strawberry Days is in June. 

(While I'm being irrelevant, American Fork has Steel Days.  Those with a heavy Great Basin accent call that Still Days.  That could be referring to either moonshine or longevity.  The fact is, they are still having days in American Fork.)

Strawberry Days though.  We scheduled YW activities around it.  My book club is changing the date of our June meeting because of it.   It is a Big Deal.

I avoid it.

I don't like things like that.  (Although I do like the fireworks which can be watched from our deck.)

Also, here's a fun fact about Strawberry Days:  the opening credits of Studio C were filmed at the Strawberry Days carnival.

Every week at church we get a half sheet of announcements.  They used to hand me a stack of them before YW and I would stash them in my church bag because I was busy with All the Things.  I would promptly forget about them and then occasionally I would clean out my church bag and feel pangs of guilt that I hadn't handed on the information to the rest of the YW leaders.

Now I get handed one copy while I'm sitting in Relief Society and I read it.  I feel like a responsible citizen!

Sunday's brought me confusion:

Since I grew up where I did, I know what a cutting is.  It is a competition where a horse and rider work together to separate a cow from a herd in record time.

Also, it's at the rodeo grounds so that makes sense.

But it's a strawberry cutting?  Does everyone get together at the rodeo grounds with their knives and cutting boards and just go to town?

Is a rodeo grounds the best venue for that?

I googled Strawberry Days because I apparently don't have anything better to do than satisfy my curiosity and get to the bottom of this matter.

Eighteen days away and no schedule. I'm sure some people have it (like the guy who does the church announcements.  A related question: why was it put in our church announcements?) but they're keeping it a carefully guarded secret from the rest of us.

I will more than likely lose interest and forget but if I ever learn about the Strawberry Days Strawberry Cutting, you will be the first to know.

I think I love our quirky town.  I love the quail that run around in a dither and forget they can fly.  I love that we're on the cusp of summer but it's not so hot that we hate life yet.  I love the mountains and the lake and the G above us, reminding us we're Grovians.  (That used to be the high school mascot.  I wish it still was because who wouldn't want to be a Grovian?!?)

I love our proximity to BYU.  (Seriously getting me through this graduation business.)

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