Tuesday, June 5, 2012

5th Ave Awards

Last night we went to the 5th Avenue Theater in Seattle for the awards for high school musicals. 


Our school was one of 93 schools nominated for an award.  We were nominated for 11 awards, which was sort of thrilling.   Because we were one of the 8 schools nominated for best overall musical, they got to perform on the 5th Ave stage, in front of thousands.

My baby boy.  On that stage.  It took my breath away.  It is a good thing that I am distracted by too many other things.  I totally understand why there is such a thing as horrible stage mothers, and I could have the potential to become one.  It is an indescribable rush to watch my boy perform.  All the other kids in the cast as well.  I think they are all pretty fabulous.

Here's the picture I snapped with my phone:

Ummmm.  Adam will not be pleased with the quality of picture I am posting here.  It's the best I could do.  Braeden is in the back on the left side. 

I sat next to Janet in the theater, which was crackling with energy.  Whenever Glacier Peak was up for an award, we clasped our hands and held our breath...and didn't win.  Finally Mr. Oke, the intrepid and talented director, won!  Indicative of his talent and attention to detail, his acceptance speech for best director was given in Seuss-ian rhyme.

We all thought we were robbed when we didn't win overall best musical.  We may, of course, have been a little biased and heavily invested in our own production...

It was a magnificent night though and fun to be involved in something very positive that celebrated the great accomplishment and hard work of some brilliant kids.

The drive home was enjoyable too.  I took home Braeden and two of his fellow freshmen friends.  Also, a patient and long suffering senior who lives on my street.  (Sorry Max.  I recognize your tolerance for those wacky boys.)

As the hour waned, their conversation declined.  They started talking about their funerals.  Braeden wanted Ethan and Jadon to plan his and he wanted it full of jokes.  He said, "I want a 21 gun salute with clown guns that have a sign that says "bang".


Ethan said Jadon could deliver the eulogy and he would climb in the casket with Braeden and jump out at a key point and say, "Here lies a good man!"

(Again, I feel like I have to apologize to Max.)


Olivia Cobian said...

Sounds like Braeden has some great friends. I know he has a great mom!

Unknown said...

The play was so good! Wish Kelly and I could have been at the 5th Ave to watch him perform again.


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