Saturday, June 16, 2012

Horace in Spokane

Mark insists Horace needs to be able to breathe.  I would say I have weird kids but I'm the one carrying the bag with a goat in it.  A goat made of sheet metal.

Last time we were in Spokane, all three kids played in the water.  This time just Mark.  No use getting older if you don't get smarter. (There we are on the bench, people watching.  Horace too.)

My favorite part of this picture is the way that passerby is looking at Mark.  That sort of things happens a lot when you're a Mark.

Then Mark found a recruit to join him in the water.

"Horace, we are wet."

Horace also climbed a tree

got dangerously close to the edge of the bridge (Braeden said he'd jump in and save him if he fell)

went down the slide

...and met his dad

Quite an adventure for a small goat.

Braeden said he could live in Spokane.

I think I agree.


Jennifer said...

This made me homesick!

LOVE that Horace tagged along for the cross-country adventure. Safe travels.

Marianne said...

You guys are so hilarious!

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad Horace was finally able to meet his father. I know it's been hard for him--not having known him before. How timely that the week of Father's Day they were united.

Olivia Cobian said...

I did not wish to remain Anonymous. How did that happen? It's me, Olivia!


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