Monday, June 11, 2012

When your son is a raccoon

A while ago, back in the old days (a month ago) when I was cub scout den leader, the Webelos den leader gave me the key to the scout closet because he was going to Hawaii with his wife.  (So he got Hawaii but I got the key to the scout closet so I think we were even.)

I used the key for scouts then put it in a cute little compartment in our van where I keep my mail key and mints for my children to pilfer. 

And I forgot all about it.

We had the pinewood derby, then a food drive so no den meetings for awhile.  Then we got a new ward, etc. etc.

Then he called and wanted the key back.

I said no problem and went to the cute little compartment in our van.

The key wasn't there.


I should mention that there was a shiny little flashlight on the key ring and Mark is attracted to shiny objects much like a raccoon is.

Mark had no idea about the key.

I hunted all around, checking all my jacket pockets, my purse, any bags I may have taken to scouts.  Nothing.  I should also mention that unlike certain unnamed people (like Marianne) it makes me crazy when I lose something.  Even worse when it is someone else's something.

I talked to Adam.  He suggested maybe Mark found the flashlight when they took the van to father and son camp.  So I asked Mark again.

In addition to being a raccoon, Mark is a coyote.  He can sense danger and slink around it.  He said he remembered Braeden with the flashlight.

Braeden was at driver's ed so I couldn't hound him about the key.

I went into their room and started looking in their closet.  The same closet that would make a landfill seem hygienic and tidy.

Then I was doubly mad.  The key was gone and my boys' closet was a disaster.  Then, it must be said, I had a bit of a temper tantrum.  Adam found me flinging things out of the closet, yelling at Mark who was trying to dodge projectiles.  He loves to come home to such domestic harmony.  I think it makes that day at work feel like a refuge.

You're welcome, Adam.

Adam, being the level-headed and bigger-than-me person that he is, took me gently but firmly out of the closet and to my bedroom.  He told me to re-laaaaaax.

When I had both boys together, I sat them down and tried to get the story straight.  Who had seen the flashlight and key and when?  Mark kept sidestepping the story like a kid who is used to being in trouble.  (Could be because he often gets in trouble.)  I finally learned that Mark had asked Braeden for a flashlight and Braeden had told him to check the van.  (Braeden meant the wind-up emergency flashlight but Mark found the little shiny one on a key chain.)

And the rest is history.

History for the flashlight and key chain because raccoons are not well known for keeping track of things.

I have apologized and offered recompense anyway I know how to the good scout leader whose key I  lost.  In addition to being the type of husband that takes his wife to Hawaii, he is also very very kind.  He told me not to worry about it.  No big deal.

The upside?

The boys' closet got clean.  Something about their mom flinging the contents across the room got their attention.  They're a lot of things but stupid is not one of them.

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mike said...

I am glad I'm not the only one who flings things out of closets!


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