Friday, June 8, 2012

May I suggest

Do you have cell phone cords tangled on your counter like I used to have?

It was driving me crazy because my kitchen counter space is very (very) limited.

I bought a little unfinished wooden birdhouse.  I decided to turn it into a cell phone charging station.  I just needed to make a hole in the back to feed the cords through then the cords could go out through the bird holes in the front and the cords wouldn't get tangled.

How to make the hole in the back?

I normally would call my dad but he is busy having fun with draft horses being a missionary in Nauvoo.  Instead I sent an email to the rest of my brain trust, my brothers.

How do I make a hole in this cheap wood taking into account my lack of tools, skills and patience?

Enoch and Ammon both responded with ideas.

Tabor did not.

I thought that was strange.  Either 1) he didn't care--which couldn't be true because I'm his favorite person in the world or 2) he didn't have an opinion--which couldn't be true because he's my sibling and we always have opinions and he's Tabor so he always always has an opinion or 3) he didn't have time--which couldn't be true.  (See number 1.)

When I am there in A FEW WEEKS (sorry to yell, I'm a little excited) we're going to have to have a talk about that guy's priorities.

Both Enoch and Ammon's ideas would have worked but seemed hard taking into account my lack of tools, skills and patience. 

Then I remembered this birdhouse which I bought because it was cute.  The bonus:  it had a little door in the back.

So I wrapped up the cords and bound them with a rubber band.

I fed them through the back door and then through the hole in front.

a snug little home for Pinkie Pie

Now the cell phones have a charming place to roost, the cords don't get tangled and we're all happy.

(Except why didn't Tabor answer me?)


Olivia Cobian said...

Tabor probably just hadn't checked his email.

Marianne said...

Very clever


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