Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Taking a break

Our schedules from about April on have been busier than normal.  (I refuse to believe this is the new normal.  Don't tell me that.  I'm not listening.)

Life with teenagers: busy.

Saturday, after Braeden had a drive for driver's ed, we escaped the endless stuff-that-needs-doing around here and headed to Seattle.

Our first stop was Pike Place Market where Adam parallel parked our van in a spot that was the size of a deck of cards.  (Show off.  What's he going to do next, open a jar?)

Adam also told each kid they could spend $4.

this hat was over budget, but very cute

Emma never found anything and wants her $4 in cash.  Braeden spent his $4 on teriyaki chicken (and then he inhaled it).

when you're always hungry, you're always hungry
Mark settled on a cylindrical lollipop,  kind of shown here.

Braeden is not that tall, he is standing up a stair from me...so's Mark. I must defend my height.

Emma decided not to smile for any of the pictures (as you can see above and below).

Then I told her something hilarious and she had to smile (though she valiantly resisted).

Photographic evidence that I'm funny, because mostly they roll their eyes at my (hilarious) jokes.

We went to the sculpture park and the kids rolled down the hill.

Emma looks a little dizzy...

It made Mark's pants crooked.

And it made us all laugh a lot.

Though it was not sunny, the day was beautiful.

And even though Braeden drove home (you haven't lived until you've merged on the freeway with your 15 year old behind the wheel), it was relaxing.


Lonnie and Kris Lambson said...

I keep trying to remember to ask "WHY" you went to Seattle on Saturday, but the chat on the walks get away from me sometimes. The stories are so good and the rain so pleasant as it drips on us. Oh, yes, so it was good to "see" why you went to Seattle. And I do really like Emma's jade colored jeans.

Megan said...

There is that Farris Wheel on the peer again! I must walk down and see it for real!


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