Thursday, June 7, 2012


the drippy view out the school room window

You know I don't complain about anything, especially the weather.

(Are you laughing?  Because that was a little joke.)

On January 7, it was rainy and 46 degrees.  (Yes, I looked it up.)

Currently it is raining (pouring, in fact) and 49 degrees. 

We have come up with pithy and cute names for it around here.  Juneuary.  The June Gloom.  Whatever you call it, it's my least favorite month.  (Which I sort of resent because growing up, I think it was one of my very favorite months.  June in northeastern Nevada is a beautiful thing.)

Here?  No.

It is no wonder that I am so excited to shake the dust mildew off of this place and hit the road.

Eight more days.

(Stay tuned, when I'm in the Midwest, I will be complaining about heat and humidity.  Not that I complain.)


Olivia Cobian said...

Send some of that rain this way! Northeasetern Nevada would be even lovelier with a little moisture.

mike said...

Just heard we have already passed our average rainfall total for June and we aren't even halfway through yet! Ugh! Can I go on vacation with you?


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