Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Another ugly Lego cake

Sunday was Mark's half birthday.  He is officially 9 1/2 years old.  The numbers change, the Mark birthdays stay the same.  Lego gifts.  Lego cakes.  (Ugly Lego cakes.) 

I very cleverly wrote half of Happy Birthday on Mark's gift.  All three of my children wondered if I was trying to write in Greek.  Emma told me that it was incorrect if I was trying to write it in Greek.

Do you ever feel like my cleverness is wasted on these people?

Since Mark's half birthday was on Sunday, a.k.a. my busiest day of the week lately, it was a day of cramming in a little celebrating whenever we could.  Early in the morning, Mark opened his gifts.

Mark, fashionista

Does it look a little Spartan?  Because it was.  Remember the clever lettering though?

Gifts are always run by Braeden for's his older brother birthright.  Also, I love those curly heads even though they wish for straight hair.

 Because of a baking powder emergency (we ran out) Adam didn't get the pancakes made while I was at ward council like we'd planned.  We did have bacon and eggs then zip off to church.  We had hot dogs for lunch (Mark only requests healthy food on his birthday apparently) and I slid a cake into the oven.  Then I met with the night hike committee I'm heading up for Girls' Camp.  Then I speedy quick frosted the cake and we had some before Braeden went to seminary graduation and the rest of us went to visit Grandma Geri.

So about the cake.  Mark wanted a Lego cake.  This time he wanted writing on the Lego studs, like the real thing.  If there's one thing about these Lego cakes I make, they're authentic.

Mark wanted it to be red.  I told him that if I added enough food coloring to make red it would taste nasty.  I then remembered the blood orange syrup Janet brought me one night as part of an Italian Soda ensemble to prevent me from having a nervous breakdown (it helped...if you ever happen to feel a nervous breakdown coming on, get some club soda, cream and blood orange syrup.  Miracle cure.)

I replaced most of the milk in the frosting with syrup and cut back on the powdered sugar.  It was DIVINE.  I may never make a different kind of frosting again.

It was hastily frosted with weird colored frosting, thrown on a not very aesthetically pleasing cookie sheet and then doused with sprinkles by Mark.  Poor ugly cake.  But that frosting was gooooood.

Mark set out more sprinkles on the table so we could use them as needed.

The kid likes sprinkles.

And I'll keep making him ugly Lego cakes for the rest of my life if he'll keep being my boy.  He's fun to hang out with.

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stephanie l johnson said...

I will bet that Mark will remember these Lego cakes, with fondness, all his life. What a great memory, and delicious, too.


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