Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tip toe goodbye

Yesterday we left Nauvoo and my parents.

I hate leaving my parents.  Why can't we all just be neighbors?  I cried a little when I hugged my mom goodbye and she did too.  I left my keys in the cushion of their couch and my mom is going to mail them to me.  These are all pretty typical things.

Even though it was a house I'd never been to before, because it was my parents' house, it had a certain home-ness about it.  A few days ago I took a nap on my parents' bed while they were gone.  Because it was their bed and their pillows, I slept deeply and securely and was relaxed.  (It should be said that I hate it when my kids sleep on my pillow--get your rotten head off my pillow!  Maybe my parents feel the same way.  They weren't home though...)

We stopped by to say goodbye to my dad.  He was giving people rides on wagons pulled by oxen.  He doesn't enjoy that as much as the horses. 

I wasn't at all afraid of the gigantic horses.  They seemed gentle and intelligent.  Those oxen scared me though.  I stayed away.  Their eyes look a little crazy.

We said goodbye to my dad.

On tip toe.

If you go to Nauvoo (and you should), look for my parents. 

You'll be glad you did.


Olivia Cobian said...

So sweet. I love the picture of them in front of the temple.

stephanie l johnson said...

you had me crying at living in the same cul-se-sac in heaven. Rats to you for making me cry.

Come home to your own cul-de-sac and your now friends, so we can go for a walk and talk about your wonderful trip. Don't get side-tracked and move to a new state, please.

hugs, I do miss you,


Hi, I'm Hannah. said...

This made me cry. Especially the tippy-toe picture.


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