Tuesday, June 26, 2012

No more Egbert loads

When my brothers were old enough to be helpful and young enough to still live at home, my parents heated their house with a wood burning stove.  Every Saturday in autumn, my dad and brothers would hitch my dad's horses Betty and Billy to a wagon and head up the mountain for enormous logs to cut into firewood.  I think I went once.  I was a girl and I stayed inside and did things like make bread and bicker with my sisters on Saturdays.

My mom would ask my dad before they went, "Are you going to get an Egbert load or a Dahl load?"  She was referring to the two families my dad was descended from.  According to her, an Egbert load was one that was so full you struggled to get it home and sometimes it was so full it caused enough trouble that the wagon broke.  A Dahl load was smaller.

I enjoy a good Egbert load.  If given a choice, I weigh myself down with so many things I drop half of them.  It's sometimes inefficient but always seems like a good idea before you start.

We have quite an array of things to cart in and out of each hotel room.  We each have our suitcases.  We have a bag for dirty laundry.  We have our cooler.  We have a pillow for me (because I'm high maintenance at times--like when I sleep.)  Some nights we have an air mattress and bedding depending on the configuration of the room.

Each night, we load ourselves down with things.  Sometimes we have to take a few trips.  It's an enormous pain.  Yesterday, Adam and I saw someone walking with a luggage cart and we both had the same idea at the same time.  "Why didn't we think of that!?"

All this time.  All those loads.

This morning we got a luggage cart.  (We decided it was a photo op.  That's how exciting it was.)

We didn't get Horace involved.  (We're not quite that weird.  Yet.)

Horace stayed in the van all day in fact.  We drove across Kansas and stopped at the Eisenhower Presidential library.  Once we got to western Kansas, it got hot hot hot.  113 degrees.  It was 55 degrees at home and...wait for it...rainy.

We are in Denver tonight and I feel sad for the people who have lost homes to the fires here.  I also feel for the people that are evacuated.  Colorado is burning. 

It makes us all feel bad.  Mark said, "When we get to our hotel, can we say a prayer?"

Adam said yes and he told him he could pray right then if he wanted.  Mark said, "I already said two prayers."

We hope it helps.

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Olivia Cobian said...

I went to get wood a lot--girl that I am. I think it's because I was homeschooled.


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