Friday, June 15, 2012

May I suggest

these aren't our only stops--I just put down markers to draw the lines

A recipe for adventure.

In a large van, place:

1 (or more) bags of books to read 
1 fully loaded ipod
handfuls of audio books and DVDs
a cooler packed with snacks
1 pet goat (don't ask)
1 learner's permit (pray.... for.... us....)
5 suitcases

Have the mom pack everything because she is manic with lists and won't forget anything (too important) and have the dad load the van because he's supernatural at fitting it all in.

Add (after everyone has used the bathroom one last time):

3 witty and quirky kids
1 mom who is frazzled and needs time with her husband, children and the sun
1 dad who is good with directions, conversation and spontaneity 

Drive more miles than you want to contemplate at any given time.

Yield:  things you've never seen before, visits with family and friends, and memories (good and otherwise, that is A LOT of miles) to add to your stockpile.


David Jorgensen said...

How exciting!!! Enjoy every moment . . . and keep us posted along the way, eh?

David Jorgensen said...

Not again. Sorry. That was me.

Janet said...


Marianne said...

Have fun!

Megan said...

Took me a moment to understand the goat...then I remembered seeing one in your house. I want to be sent daily pictures of his(her?) outings!

Jessica Thatcher said...

The "E" stop is the best...... just saying.


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