Monday, November 5, 2012

A silver lining

Last week something very sad happened.  My dear sister-in-law Jennifer's dad passed away.  Jennifer and Enoch and their children drove to eastern Washington from Nevada to be with her family.  I offered to take their children for a few days since I live in western Washington.  Enoch drove them here Friday.  After he returned to be with Jennifer, we had them all to ourselves.

Being able to spend time with my sweet nephews and niece was a silver lining to the tragedy that struck their family.  I enjoyed my time with them.

There was a lot of running and playing and snacks administered.  There was a certain degree of chaos and one hole kicked in the wall.  (Mark was solely responsible, don't think it was the little visitors.)  There were sweet conversations where I held Luke snuggled on my lap and we talked about his grandpa.  There were kisses and hugs and brushing Savannah's blond hair and reading to her.  I admired Isaiah's drawings and the rock he brought from Nevada.

On Saturday we took them to the beach.  Savannah said we could build a sand castle and go swimming.  Not really that sort of beach, especially in November.  They admired the boats and the shells, threw rocks in the water and played on the playground.  They were kids which is a tender blessing when things are sad. 

a golden haired angel--swimming in her cousin Mark's sweatshirt
some of the treasures Isaiah found

When Adam and I talked about taking them on the ferry, just for fun, Isaiah laughed a little and said, "Maybe you can take Savannah but Luke and I won't go."

I was puzzled then said, "Oh, it's not a fairy, it's a ferry.  It's a boat."

Mark, Isaiah and Luke on the ferry, not fairy.

After that we called it a ferry boat and took a ride to Whidbey Island and back.  At first Savannah clung tight to me in case "the ferry boat broke" then she started enjoying it.  That night when she was in the tub she told me she was one of those seagulls in the water then she assured me, "That ferry boat was not scary."

At church on Sunday our little guests were as good as gold.  Afterward we fed them and packed them up and headed east of the mountains to meet Enoch.  They were excited to be reunited with their parents but it was a little sad to let them go.  I got to know them more and I love those three little people.

We stopped to look at the planes at the Boeing factory.  I was hanging onto Luke so I didn't blow away.  Windy!

I must also mention how wonderful it was to see my brother.  He advised us on refinancing our mortgage questions and didn't laugh (much) about what a dunce I am about those types of things.  We enjoyed visiting with him about our families--extended and close, politics, our various travels and just life.  He ordered a lime for my diet coke when we had dinner together.  You know your brother loves you when he gets you a lime for your diet coke. I just hope next time they all come, Jennifer is here as well.


Marianne said...

What a lovely aunt you are!

Stephanie L Johnson said...

still laughing about a "fairy ride" we are regionally specific about our conversations, are we not?

looks like you all enjoyed the visit. so sweet that you were able to host them for a bit



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