Tuesday, November 6, 2012

While I was off trying to be authentic

Here are some pictures that accumulated on Pinkie Pie while I was blogging the month away in October about authenticity.

1) Braeden wore his fur coat to school.

This fur coat was his great grandmother's, given to him by his aunt.  He loves it because his goal in life is to make other people laugh and he finds this coat to be a catalyst.

He has had a few teachers tell him in threatening tones not to wear the coat to school any more.  (Somehow teachers aren't as keen on Braeden making everyone laugh as he is.)  During the week of Homecoming, on James Bond day, Braeden decided he could get away with wearing his fur coat.  He said he was a KGB spy.

When his phone hasn't been confiscated by me for one reason or another, he texts me throughout the day.  (Because he also likes to make me laugh.)

He texted me this picture:

I don't think anyone in the KGB was ever that handsome.  Maybe their mothers thought so though.

 2) I draped my prize winning knitting over Horace and Emma called it Horace and the Amazing Technicolor Goat Coat.

(Emma and words get along.)

3) Mark and I (sort of) went to Luxembourg.

While Adam was there, we chatted with him over my phone.  He held his phone to the mirror because Mark loves being in foreign places--even if it's just in the mirror.  I took a screenshot because I think if you're in a mirror in Luxembourg, you should have a record of it.

We're in this picture three times...we're like the Norman Rockwell of iphones.

4) Braeden realized he's stronger than glass.

I had him tighten the screws on our downstairs light fixtures.  They shake loose with time and children slamming our front door.  I can't reach them even on a chair so I had Braeden do it.

This is what happened to the first one:

I (sweetly) pointed out that he didn't need to keep screwing the screws until the glass broke.  I didn't get mad at him.  No, not me.  I'm the picture of patience.  What?

5) I moved some furniture and had my children (and Hannah from across the street) help.  Adam didn't notice which I think makes us very compatible.  I can move furniture and if he doesn't notice, he won't mind.

6) Mark was in the cub scout variety show.  He played the piano and gave me a thumbs up which I captured on camera.

7) I made Emma spew.

No pictures of this priceless moment but it was probably the highlight of the entire month of October.  When Adam and Robbie and Erin and Rachel and I had dinner together every night at the Cannon Center when we were freshmen at BYU, the goal was to make each other laugh so hard that we'd spew our drink across the table.  Kind of gross but it was a badge of honor.  Also it made us drink very carefully.

One night last month I was singing a stirring rendition of the Whitney Houston song "The Greatest Love" but I combined the words with the FFA creed which begins, "I believe in the future of farming..."

I was belting out that I believed the children were the future of farming.  (It was lovely.)  As I built in both momentum and volume, the song also got very high.  I sang that "I pitched the song too high and now my dog is going to die..." and that was when Emma spewed the water she was drinking across the kitchen floor because she was laughing.

I'm telling you.  The highlight of the month.  Those are the kind of messes worth cleaning up.


Marianne said...

You need to update. The FFA creed doesn't begin "I believe in the future of farming." It began that way. It is now, "I believe in the future of agriculture." I just don't want you to lead any of your dear readers astray.

Olivia Cobian said...

Thank you, EM Tiffany (aka Marianne)!

Olivia Cobian said...

That picture of Braeden is VERY handsome!

Gwilliam Fam said...

Spewing! The tradition continues:)


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