Thursday, November 8, 2012

The theater!

Starting tomorrow night, GPHS is presenting 13 Past Midnight.  It's double cast so Braeden is in half of the performances, tomorrow and then two next Saturday.

You should go.

If you, you know, live around here.

The play has been contributing to the frantic pace of my week.  I have been helping to feed the cast dinner all week and I am selling tickets and running the concession stand at the play this weekend (and next).

As usual, Marianne has seen my busy and raised me.  She is amazing and if our lives weren't so hectic, I may be able to call her back and see how and if she's surviving.

She is directing the musical at her daughters' high school.   Her talented daughters wanted to be in a musical and there was no one to direct it, so Marianne is.  How I love that girl!

The play they are doing is Ducktails and Bobbysox.

You should go.

If you, you know, live around there.

Finally, my parents are Jed and Annie in their Rendezvous show in Nauvoo.

By all accounts (my mom), my dad is fabulous in his role. (If you can believe my mom...she thinks about everything my dad does is fabulous.)

Since I agree with my mom and think everything my dad does is fabulous, you should go.

If you, you know, live around there.

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Olivia Cobian said...

If only I could, you know, live around all of those places! What a theatrical family!


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