Wednesday, June 3, 2015


Last night, Braeden had his Eagle Court of Honor.  We planned it for when Marianne and Robert would be in town (they took Clarissa to the airport...the girl has gone to New Zealand!).  My parents were also around for it and then Tabor was passing through.  Combine that with Ammon and Melanee and we had a good family group.

I felt a little regret that so many of the people Braeden grew up with and that care about him couldn't be there, but I was very grateful so much family was there.

Here's Braeden, Mark and Adam with Robert, Hyrum and Morgan:

They're a good group.  Mark led the flag ceremony which consisted of his cousins.

Here is the big moment when Braeden pledged, on his honor. (He's pictured with Brother Walker, his young men's president who is a wonderful man.)

Here he is with our bishop, who we love.

Here's the scout commissioner with Braeden:

He complimented Braeden on his board of review.  Braeden said later, "I realized something about myself.  I love being the center of attention and have people laugh at me but I don't like standing in front of people and having them talk about how great I am."

I said, "Don't worry, that doesn't happen too much in life."

I decided to include the picture of Adam getting his parent pin.  He deserved the pin more than I did.  He put a lot into Braeden's scouting years.  Following the example of his own dad, Adam loved to be along on scout campouts.  It was a wonderful way for them to make memories and be together.

We had a slideshow with a bunch of scout pictures, like this:

My job, besides make mint brownies for the occasion, was to figure out how the scarf slide worked:

One really wonderful part of the night was that David was there.  He's at BYU still this summer and we've gotten smart and gone and claimed him a few times as our own.

He was the only one besides our immediate family that knew everyone in the slideshow:

I would love to see these people again...even though most of them are now man sized rather than this younger version of themselves.

Here's the Eagle Nest:

It was small, but meaningful to Braeden.  These men all matter a lot to him. 

I love seeing Braeden and David.  They have the easy relationship of two boys that grew up together.  Even though he's older than Braeden, David has only been kind and tolerant of Braeden in the ten plus years we've known him.  David has always been someone for Braeden to look up to (even though Braeden passed him in height).

We love David!

They were sitting by each other on the couch and realized their striped socks.  Braeden texted this picture to Janet.

She texted back that Leif had the same socks as Braeden.  Which made Braeden happy.  He misses Leif!

Actually we all do. 

And the rest of the Jorgensens.

I still have mint brownies.  Come and see us?


Marianne said...

I'm so glad we could be there. I love the young-looking picture of Braeden and Adam in red! (Not that they look old now!)

Janet said...

And WE love Braeden! Congratulations! That's a big accomplishment. So glad that David could be there. Thanks so much for inviting him--I know you have so much going on. I am sure it was good for his soul to spend time with the Davis family. I am trying hard not to be jealous, wish we all could have been there. Your mint brownies are THE BEST! I miss you so very much. :(


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