Friday, June 12, 2015

I made it!

There I am in my smashing sun hat that made my children mock me.  I did not get sunburned.

Girls' Camp

Not for the faint of heart.

I experienced a wide range of emotions.  I had anxiety (but only before it started).  I was tired.  I got a little annoyed (because sometimes people can be annoying).  I got a little cranky (at 1:30 in the morning when I was freezing cold and I couldn't get my sleeping bag zipper to cooperate.  I woke Adam up and he settled me down and fixed my zipper.)  I would look around on occasion and think there was no place I would rather be.

I can't tell you how happy I was that Adam was there.  Here he is with the other brave man that accompanied us:

They were our go to helpers.

We hiked in Zion National Park, which is stunning.

half the girls are still wearing swimsuits because we hiked in the Narrows

In keeping with our theme of camp, which was "Unsinkable," the girls made boats out of milk jugs:

Then we floated them in a reservoir.  They turned out really well:

these are the darling little first years

The actual camping part wasn't as terrible as I thought it would be (mostly thanks to Adam).  One of the other leaders put this sign on our tent.  (She'd had Emma text her the pictures of us.)

Then I laughed out loud for awhile. 

I like all the women who are also YW leaders even more after our time together.  Their true colors shined.

Our last night, we abandoned ship (ha ha) and left our campsite and stayed one night in some condos.  The original plan with the previous leaders was to stay longer in the condos but I'm glad we only stayed one night.  It was harder to connect with everyone when we were spread out like that.  (Although taking a shower was a very positive mood altering experience.)

In the condos, we performed skits.  The leaders did a synchronized swimming number which was dazzling.  First we giggled for about 20 minutes while we practiced, then we tried really hard to keep it together while we performed.  It was SO funny but the girls didn't really laugh.  They sat in sort of stunned silence.  It's always a little sad when you think you're funnier than maybe you really are.

So. Very. Synchronized.

notice one of the girls is scratching her head...what is going on here?
I laughed so much that my face hurt.

The YCLs (Youth Camp Leaders) of which Emma was a part, did a lip sync of a Backstreet Boys song.  Some of these girls are so funny that they should be able to charge admission just to be able to hang around with them.  

I loved spending time with the girls.  There are some good ones. I felt closer to them as we shared spiritual experiences and I saw them step up to the plate to serve each other and be kind and helpful.

Also, I loved being there with this girl:


Jennifer said...

So glad you made it! Good job!!

Olivia Cobian said...

You did a great job! I'm glad you're back on your blog!

Marianne said...

Who said you're no fun?

Carolina just came up and saw the picture of Emma and her gang. She said, "So the theme of their camp is GUYS? For camp they dressed up like GUYS?"


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