Monday, June 29, 2015


Weekends are my favorite.  They are always full of adventures of one kind or another.

Friday night Adam and I went on a date to the Water Garden Theater which is what you would call a dollar theater if that were still a thing.  I think the movies are $4 (but Adam paid so I could be wrong).

We watched Far From The Madding Crowd, which I loved.  Give me a good period drama any day.

Adam and I were by far the youngest people in the theater (and we're not all that young).  It felt like the old days when we used to be the juveniles at the Village Theater in Everett.

Here's the thing about the elderly.  They've lost the ability to whisper.

And apparently keep track of plots, characters, etc.

There was a lot of, "Now who is that?" and "Isn't that the beggar girl from before?" and "I can't understand a word. He's. Saying."

I wanted to ask if we could pause the movie and I could quickly get everyone caught up to speed.

We still loved the movie and it turns out Adam loved it all the more because of the crowd who was watching with us.

Also that night, Braeden went camping with his friend, Bridger.  Why anyone would do that on purpose is beyond me.  They drove up into the canyon and made a small fire and cooked some dinner and discovered that soda is superior to water in dousing fires. Braeden made another discovery too.  He took the mummy style sleeping bag he's favored for all his camp outs growing up and it seems the sleeping bag has not grown up with him.  It hit him about mid chest.

About 2:00 in the morning a truck rumbled by pulling a trailer with a couple dozen porta-potties on back.  (There was a 5K race on Saturday and presumably they were being transported for that purpose.) Awhile later, there was a ruckus with horns honking and the boys wondered if someone needed help but then all was quiet and they went back to sleep.

The next morning they loaded up and started to drive back down the canyon.  The road was impossibly blocked by the truck and trailer and porta-potties.  The driver had not maneuvered a corner well.  At all.

It was all part of the adventure for the intrepid campers though.  Besides being hungry (their breakfast plan had been to hit McDonald's), they happily picked their way through the mountain roads and came out on the other side of the mountain.

That afternoon, Braeden went with Ammon's family to buy a couch and loveseat.  Braeden's role was in the helping to lift and load.  If I've done anything it's taught my children how to move furniture.  The woman they bought the furniture from thought Braeden and Ammon were brothers which I think made Braeden's day.  I thought, is that even possible?  Then I realized Ammon is only 13 years older than Braeden.

He's just a little guy.

So young.

While Braeden was gone, we ran a few errands.  We were in pursuit of things like a new printer, a Southwest salad kit, Happy Hour at Sonic. Emma drove so it was even more exciting than you might think (pulling the van into the little spots at Sonic--not for the faint of heart).

We were walking into one store and Emma said to Mark, "I love you Mark and I like hugging you, but just not all the time." (Mark loves to hug and be hugged.  Emma...doesn't.)

Mark waited a beat then held his arms out to her and said, "OK.  Let's hug it out."

His wit is quickening at the same alarming rate as his legs are lengthening.

That evening Braeden was too tired from his previous nighttime adventure but the rest of us hit the Water Garden Theater again.  This time we saw Paul Blart Mall Cop 2 and the theater was full of families, not senior citizens.  It was still sort of a wild time.  There was a lot of audience participation, which reminded me of going to the midnight movie at the Varsity Theater when I was a student at BYU.

That movie though.  Cracked me up the second time every bit as much as the first time.

Adam and I read on the deck when we got home.  (Emma drew pictures/Mark jumped on the trampoline.) Summer evenings on the deck are one of the best things that have ever happened to me.  I finished the book I was reading.  All along it seemed like a train wreck and like it wasn't going to end well.

Then it didn't end well.

(I'll get back to the blog posts Adam and Braeden don't like--talking about books I've read.  Maybe tomorrow?)

It was hot hot hot on Sunday and I'm equally grateful for our central air conditioning and terrified to get the bill.  Ammon and Melanee and family came over for dinner and to hang out where it's cool.  (I mean the temperature was cool.  I am not under any misconception that we're the cool place to hang out.)

We visited and played cards (I lost) and ate ice cream cones.  Mark and Braeden played Star Wars a little with Cormac and they gifted him with one of their light sabers.  After they left, the boys kept talking about how great it was to play with Cormac.

Living near family makes me happy.  Movies and ice cream and summer and card games and not camping all make me happy.  It's a pretty good life.


Melanee said...

Our family definitely thinks you guys are the cool place in every sense of the word. Today Cormac has done nothing but practice with his light saber so he will be prepared to meet his cousins in combat. He's taking his Jedi training very seriously. Both kids keep asking when we are going back to "Aunt Thelma's House." It's a great place.

Olivia Cobian said...

I agree with Melanee. You Davises are cool in every way.


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