Tuesday, June 23, 2015


1) Emma wanted to get a job.

2) I didn't want her to get a job before she had her license or access to a car.  Also, she had lots of online classes to take to make up for changing schools and all the electives she insists on.

3) She wanted to get a job anyway.

4) She and Braeden decided she could work where he does.

5) So she got the job.

6) She hated it.

7) Seriously. Hated. It.

8) That part of Braeden that loves to talk to people and adores the challenge of winning them over?  Emma doesn't have that part.

9) Emma wanted to quit.

10) She was done.

11) Adam and I thought she should stick it out.

12) After a few weeks her sticking it out seemed a little ridiculous because it was never my idea in the first place that she get a job.  She was completely miserable.  Besides, she needed to work on her online courses.

13) Perhaps the clincher was when my grandma confided she wouldn't like that job either.  (It was the same day my grandma told me over lunch that her milkshake was healthier than my Diet Coke.  She was probably right.)

14) We told Emma she could quit but she needed to give 2 weeks notice.

15) Her boss told her she didn't need to give notice.  She could be finished.  That made her REALLY happy.

16) Emma asked me if I could teach her some skills she would need to be a mother someday.  (I think she was trying to get on my good side.)

17) It worked.  I felt flattered and excited by the idea.

18) The MTA was born.  Mother Training Academy.

19) So far she has made dinner a few times, ironed a shirt of Braeden's (she thought it was an incredibly arduous task), she helped me prep the laundry room for painting and I showed her how to use the washing machine.

20) It occurs to me that I should have taught her all of this stuff already but there's no time like the present.

21) Also, I am enjoying spending time with my girl.

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Olivia Cobian said...

Can Lili attend MTA?


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