Friday, May 13, 2016

7th graders

Last week I checked Mark out of school early.  I had to take out my driver's license and hand it to the school secretary so she could verify my ID before relinquishing the ginger.  While I appreciate the abundance of caution, I wonder just how much of a danger it is.  People trying to make off with someone else's seventh grader?  In my limited but real world experience here's what I know about seventh grade boys.

1-They eat constantly.
2-Sometimes they smell.  Bad.
3-They have an inability to hit the dirty clothes hamper with accuracy.
4-They prefer to walk by an empty and open dishwasher and put their dishes on the other side of it.
5-Speaking of dishes, they have several place settings in their room at any given time.
6-They try to change the radio station in the car.
7-You have to remind them to brush their teeth.
8-And change their socks.

I sort of think if someone was able to kidnap Mark from school it may turn into a Ransom of Red Chief sort of situation.

He is pretty cute though (and funny and creative and affectionate).

 I'll keep him.


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