Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Mark: Which one of you pajama pants are going to drive me to school?

Me:  These are yoga pants.

Adam:  (also not wearing pajamas) Your mom.


Mark: Here's a fun Star Wars fact for you.  The Skywalkers were going to be named Starkillers but the fourth grade focus group didn't like it so they went with Skywalkers.

Emma:  Did you make that up?

Mark:  There really wasn't a fourth grade focus group.

Adam:  So it isn't really a fun fact?

Mark:  Well Skywalkers rolled off the tongue better.  Probably.  It's more of a probably than a fact.


Me:  What should we do when we get home?

Mark:  Introverts unite, separately.

Emma:  Yesssss!

Me:  I want to be with Dad.

Mark:  So we're going to be introverts, uniting separately except Mom and Dad because Mom likes Dad?  We should really come up with an acronym for that....


Mark tunes the radio to 104.7 Mi Preferida every morning on the drive to school.  He doesn't understand a word of the music that is all in Spanish but he has declared that next year he will, since he's taking Spanish.  He adores the fast talking DJs and dances in his seat along to the music.  This morning he said, "This music makes me hungry.  I want a burrito and nachos right now."

Everything makes Mark hungry.

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Melanee said...

Funny kid. His Uncle Ammon could recommend some fantastic Latin tunes. When we play music at our house about 70% is Latin. Maybe it runs in the family.


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