Tuesday, May 3, 2016

To life!

What fun!  I went to every show because I can't help myself.  I was impressed by the talented kids and committed director.  Adults that create fabulous experiences for my children are held in high esteem by yours truly.

I realized a way Mark is different than his siblings.  After they perform in a play or choir concert, they always want to rehash it.  They want my opinion on everything.   They just want to talk about it.  Mark just wanted food.  A lot of food.  That was all.

Our Women's Conference group went to the show on opening night as well as these cousins and my dad and Ammon. My dad brought the Mark-aged kids (except Isaiah who had basketball games).  They all stayed at our house and I bought all the sugared cereal so I could be the favorite aunt.  (Hyrum said it worked.)
Morgan, Mark, Liliana, Hyrum, Azure and Cormac
 The next night Megan and Geri were back and went to the show.

Emma applied Mark's eyeliner for him. She called it guy-liner.

Here's Mark singing about the papas in Tradition:

He was Mordcha the bartender and here he's serving Laser Wolf.

Here's a bunch of pictures of To Life!  The boys were quite...rambunctious.

I can't even tell what's happening with Mark's legs here....

Here Mark is dancing during the wedding scene.  I always felt worried about the smaller boys in the middle of the circle.  Because those boys got a little wild.

Here he's singing Anatevka.

I liked every part of the show but especially the Mark parts of the show.

There were 70 kids in the cast which was a pretty impressive feat for a director of junior high kids.

At the very end of the last show, Mark was about the center of the group.  They presented a gift to their director and Mark left his spot and walked over to give her a hug.  Both our boys have tended to get a little attached to their directors.


Emma picked Mark up from school and took him to Great Clips.  (Having children with driver's licenses is pretty much the best invention ever.)

When Mark came home he said he'd lost ten pounds.  It may have been more though.  That was a lot of curly red hair!

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Olivia Cobian said...

He did so great! He looks younger without his hair. And of course, he's always handsome.


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