Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Double the awkward

When we were teenagers people were often taken back by the sight of us.  They thought we looked SO much alike.

Once someone stopped us and asked us if we were twins.  (Yes, identical except she's 5 inches taller than I am?)

These were accidental matching swimsuits.  The bottoms were different and hers was blue and mine was black.  Still, what were we thinking?

As we've gotten older, Marianne is skinnier than I am and still (a lot) taller and I don't ever think about us looking very similar.

On Friday she was in town with some of her charming children.  At dinner, Marianne and I were sitting next to each other and Mark said, "You have the exact same noses."  Later Adam took the kids to the hotel to swim and Marianne and I did some errands.  We went to Costco together.  The guy at the register said, "You've got to be sisters."  He commented on how alike we look.

Then we stopped by my house.  There were some of the Young Women here.  (They had a YCL overnighter.  I wasn't in charge.  I just provided the venue.)  I introduced Marianne all around and one of the girls commented on how much we look alike.

Marianne wanted to stop by a store for deodorant.  I offered to give her an unopened package I had at home but we discovered we have opposite preferences.  I told her the kind I like but that it's hard to find.

On the way to the store we remarked that maybe we really do look alike still.  We don't exactly see it, but it must be there.  Inside she quickly found the deodorant she preferred.  I looked a few shelves down and I found what I like!  I grabbed two for good measure.  We rounded a corner toward the checkout stands, two sisters with the same curly hair, the same facial features.  We were each carrying two sticks of deodorant and nothing else.

Then we both started laughing because how ridiculous did we look?

Marianne decided she wanted some fruit too.  I encouraged the choice so we wouldn't be so matchy.

Saturday was Marianne's birthday.  I was happy to spend part of the day with her in the rain at a track meet at BYU.  We cheered on Desi and Liberty.  Between events we went to the Museum of Art at BYU.  Before it opened we were seated on a bench in the little garden outside.

From behind us, our curly heads side by side, Carolina said, "You two look exactly the same!"

I like having sisters.  (And Olivia's the lucky one.  When people see the three of us together, they say she looks nothing like us--although she and Marianne share the same legs-for-days thing. For example, I'm wearing heels in the following picture and they...aren't.)


Olivia Cobian said...

Two look-alikes against one different! I think the Lord knew I would need two of you!

Anonymous said...

Sisters, sisters, there were never such devoted sisters!


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